High Note Wine

State-of-the-Art Production

Vista del Sur employs specially designed small tronco-conic tanks exclusively for the production of Malbec. They were among the first wineries to employ these tanks and the only winery to produce all of its Malbec exclusively in these tanks.

Unlike traditional tanks, the tops of the tronco-conic tanks are tapered and smaller in diameter than the bottoms. This unique shape increases the contact between the juice and the skins during fermentation and maceration and assists in the efficient extraction of sweeter tannins.

The novel design allows the grape cap (grape solids such as stems and skins) to wedge into the upper part of the tapered shell. As the wine is racked, or drained, out of the tanks, the cap falls and loosens. When the wine is returned to the tank, the broken cap is easier to re-submerge. The improved contact between the wine and cap reduces the maceration time, compared to traditional tanks, and allows more extraction of soft tannins from the skin and less extraction of bitter tannins from the seeds. The result is a wine with well integrated, more concentrated flavors and a smooth, velvety texture.

In addition, Vista del Sur blends Malbec fruit from a variety of microclimates within the Uco Valley to achieve a more complex wine. The Uco Valley location allows grapes to quickly arrive from the vineyards, ensuring no loss of quality as a result of the hot desert sun.